Business Academy

Decidete Mujer Academy:
A  Business Education Series

6 weeks   Series

  1. What’s the Best Business Structure for Strategic Growth / Building Your Team and How to Know Who to Bring in When
  2. Use of Technology to Grow your Business, Minimize Risk, Your Business and Your Financial Future
  3. Marketing and PR in the Online World and How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Blogs and Viral Marketing To Reach Your Target Customers
  4. How To Create and Present Winning Proposals / Business Plans for Strategic Growth
  5. (No Class – Time to work on Business Plans)
  6. Critique of Business Plans / Grow Your Business with Sales, Existing Customers, Capitalization
  7. Business Etiquette, How to Make the Best In-Person
    Impression, Elevator Pitch – Graduation


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Non-Member - $495.00 (USD)

Partner – LPBNET and NHPO - $395.00 (USD) 

Partner – Decidete Mujer   - $395.00 (USD) 

Partner – LULAC $395.00 (USD) 

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    2. In 100 words or less, clearly explain how this scholarship will assist you in achieving your career and professional goals.
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