About Us

Our mission is to inspire Latin women to develop their leadership by recognizing their fundamental worth and innate value.

  • Advocacy
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Health and Social Services

The organization works to increase networking connections, advance career paths, provide new avenues to expand inbuilt skills, and inspire individuals to use their talents more effectively. DM works to fortify the woman’s role within the family while preserving cultural values and maintaining her independence. 

  • Mentor-ship programs, women will learn the knowledge and resources to create and manage their own successful business or organizations. 
  • Human services to disadvantaged populations through the mental health initiative and help them overcome many social issues such as drug and substance abuse, behavioral health, and overall well-being. Latinos are at high risk for a number of mental health issues, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse among the highest concerns.
  • Educates Latino families and health care providers about mental health illness to dispel all related stigmas and bridge the gap between rates of occurrence and rates of treatment. Through the organization’s leadership development programs, 
  • Creates opportunities for Latinas to excel professionally, emotionally, culturally, and spiritually.

Our program directly addresses low-attainment rates by providing Latino college students with the knowledge, tools, and connections needed during their academic careers in order to gain and be successful beyond their college degrees.  Without programs like ours, much of this importantinformation remains inaccessible to Latino students who often take longer to graduate or simply drop out of college.    We strongly believe that ¡Decidete Mujer! is quickly positioning itself to become a national leader as a “go-to” pipeline of diverse talent for Corporate America, the Federal and Non-profit Sector, and institutions of higher learning across our great nation.  Through scholarships, internships, and leadership development, we can significantly increase the awareness, success and visibility.

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